Rapid Prototyping 4.4 – Final Project and EAE day

Firstly, we definitely become a little uninspired towards the end, mostly because we are all wanting to be done prototyping and begin on our thesis game, which we will start in about a month.  However, we do, as we say, have a thing.

Below is a screenshot of our final game – TronCano


I will point out multiple things in the picture.  One, we changed the objective from escaping the volcano to a collection game, where you want to collect all the gems (in the center of the screen).  We found that the main fun in our game was the exploration-eske fun of floating around everywhere while using the push and pull mechanic to stay alive and moving.  Secondly, there are sparks flying out of the glove.  This happens when you use an ability, and wherever you are pushing or pulling off of also create sparks (which is hard to see in this screenshot, but it is happening right under the gem.

Thirdly the platforms in the volcano are Tron boxes (hence the name TronCano).  We had more volcano looking rocks earlier, but it was decided that those rocks were far harder to see, and we wanted something that stuck out far more and were easier to see.  So we went with Tron boxes, which certainly fixed that problem.


This game was shown at EAE day (along with No Gamer Left Behind – see prototype 3 blog posts) today.  EAE day was a day where all the graduate students (C4 and us – C5) along with the undergraduate students presented their games to the community in an open house event.  for close to four hours we presented our and each others games to everyone that showed up.  The people that came ranged from people in the industry to various people in the community interested in our program and what we were doing.

This was a really cool experience, in that it not only allowed us to show off what we were doing, but it helped us learn how to talk about our games to all sorts of people.  We had to talk about our game to non-gamers, gamers, and people in the industry of gaming.  Both of the games that were presented that I worked on went over really well, and seemed to get positive reviews by everyone.  Although the level we had for No Gamer Left Behind was quite difficult (I did see at least one person manage to get the parity bonus however).


I’ll be back posting more on this blog in less than a month hopefully, when we start working on our main project – our thesis game!

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