Rapid Prototyping 4.2 – With every pitch comes a new iteration

Last Thursday we pitched our idea to only our instructors (a closed pitch, instead of in front of the rest of our peers), and we came back with a modified version of our game.  Mainly, we removed networking.  While it was easy to do, and actually already done, it didn’t add anything to our game.  A key concept that was pointed out with co-op games, was you have to be careful where the fun in a co-op game is.  Is the game itself fun, or is it fun because you are doing an activity with another person?  Furthermore, multiplayer games are harder to playtest and show off.  It’s hard enough to get someone to play your game, let alone get someone to find someone else to play your game with them.

Maybe our game would be a lot of fun with another person, but to lower our scope and first test the mechanic itself in a single player game.

Now, as far as Unreal goes, it seems there are two different ways to use it as an engineer.  We can use the C++ language to code it.  Or we can use their Blueprints system, which is a Scratch-like systems where you connect nodes to create scripts.  It seems like we are going to attempt to use Blueprints.

So here is where our current game concept stands:  We are going to make a single player, 3D, puzzle platformer where the player can push and pull off of objects to navigate the level.  We are planning on making the level inside a volcano that you are trying to escape.

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