Rapid Prototyping 4.1 – Dream Team Assemble

As you may be able to tell from the title, this prototype we get to pick our own teams.  I got lucky last prototype with an awesome team, and this team will be just as awesome.

We are using Unreal Engine, which is also extremely exciting.  I am hoping that it will be better to work with than Unity (but am doubting this).  And keeping with the theme of dropping us off on our own, we simply have to “make a game.”  That is our only design restriction (aside from Unreal).

We formed a team of about 6 people, and began pitching ideas.  This is all we did throughout our meeting time, and eventually were trying to pick between a couple different ideas.  It was at this time that another small group approached us, of about four people.  They were looking to join a group, and as it happens they were wanting to make a game very similar to one of the games we were currently thinking about.

The game is a 3D co-op puzzle platformer, utilizing a push-pull system.  One player will be able to push on objects (including the other player) at range, and the other will be pulling.  They will use this to navigate through our level.  Now, if you’re reading this and coughing out the word “scope”, seeing as how we have to tackle networking, multiple mechanics, work in 3D, learn unreal, AND do a ton of level design.  However, Unreal makes networking trivially easy, and one of our producers has a bunch of experience with level design.  We think we can pull this off.

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