Final Thesis Project!

Finally this blog should start being normal updates on a single game, rather than a different game every other post.  So without further ado, let me introduce Sensory Overload.  A FPS with 360 degrees of vision.

Before I share the video, I would like to explain a few things.  In the center screen, you will see your main front viewing camera (normal 90 degree FoV).  This is all most FPS show you.  To the sides of that, you will have your left and right cameras, respectively.  Then the rear camera behind that.  Above and below are the top and bottom cameras, just as you might expect.  Alongside those cameras, we have wall walking and basic networking, which would be the other Unity Capsules you see.


Wall walking was the first iteration beyond the 360 degree vision.  With that vision, on a standard single plan of movement (asides from jumping) you don’t find yourself looking up or down that often, so a third of the screen became useless in our game.  With wall walking,  you have to make use of that information to check for enemies above or below you.


Next week is GDC, so I won’t be updating, but after that I hope to get into a regular routine of updating this blog with our progress.  GDC HYPE!