Rapid Prototype 2.1 – Second Prototype

A new prototype and that means a new team.  And new restrictions.  Last time we had to make a game based on a toy that we received.  This time, we have to make a game based on an arcade game made before 1983 that had limited controls (only one joystick and a single button at max).  Furthermore, we have to use either Flash or HTML to code this, AND we only have 3 weeks instead of a full four.

We spent all of today figuring out which arcade game we should choose.   We narrowed it down to two choices, either Dig Dug or Joust.  Then we eliminated both and chose Bag Man.  We eliminated Joust because it was too similar to other games that we had worked on earlier, which seems fine.  But we eliminated Dig Dug because someone had done that the year before.  That reasoning doesn’t make sense to me.  We’re not here in Rapid Prototyping to do things that haven’t been done before.  We’re here to learn about how to properly prototype and to essentially learn HOW to make games.  Ah well.

We chose Bag Man, which is a game that no one has ever heard of, and I think it’s ok.  Nothing spectacular, but it does have some things to iterate on.  It is fairly ambitious game for us to prototype, which might take some time to get a basic build of right away.

Here’s the premise of Bag Man:  You are a criminal trying to steal gold bags and deliver them to your carts.  You move slower while carrying gold bags.  You lose if you are caught by the police officers patrolling around and actually chasing you.  You also lose if you fall too far.  Additionally, there are gold carts moving left the right throughout some shafts that will kill you if they hit you.  You can pull yourself up on some bars to avoid the mine shafts, and even ride them this way.  There are mining picks that you can use to stun the police officers, who will run from you while you have picks.  There are also elevators.

As you can see above, there are a huge amount of features to add, and it seems that one of our engineers will attempt to do all the AI for the police.  That seems to be too huge of a task, if you ask me, and I think we should just fake it.  However, he thinks he can get it done, so we will see.

Rapid Prototype 1.4 – First Pitch Week

First pitches were interesting, and not as bad as I thought they might be…  All around all the teams did very well…  This post will mostly be about the final state of our Bat Sim game.




Above is a screenshot of gameplay.  Many things changed from our original idea, but this is what made it into the final game:

Stamina bar (you only have so many “flaps”)

You can’t walk, only fly

Sonar ability that allows you to briefly see surroundings (zooms out camera)

Enemies that will kill you, along with environmental hazards (like the acid on screen)

End goal (which is a banana)


All in all, this was a good first project, that really showed me where I’m at professionally.  Our team lacked good communication, and often weren’t sure what each other were working on, resulting in some tasks not getting done when they should have been done.  This is one of the primary things I will be working on in the future projects.