One Last Look (Thesis)

The development team of Maui, now formally known as Kokua game, is three members fewer than it was a year ago, and the way forward must still be secured by a publication.  With the combined efforts and blessings from acquaintances of the cohort, Maui is now ready to be pushed through the publication process on Steam.

Even with all that went wrong, we made the best of the situation by rallying at several points and making great progresses at various points in the development cycle.  All the team members have contributed in their own ways to the project, from the semi-working pathfinding for the NPCs, their “uncanny valley” appearances, a mostly working (if not dumbed down) AI system, to the huge PR campaign to promote Maui to random people that eventually led to the Steam Greenlight.  Indeed, the short crunch time has produced some spectacular results as it forced all of us to work that much smarter with our very limited resources.

With some adjustments to the curriculum to allow us to acquire more relevant skills earlier, such as basics to animations and tool use earlier, we may be able to remain the number one video game development program in the nation.

In any case, Maui is now on Steam.

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