Inner Peace (Thesis)

What have I done in these two years? Many, many things.  While most of them matters little for the time being, they do ultimately stack up in skill development – personal projects are quite valuable after all as they require a great degree of discipline to complete.

Gotten back into Pymel scripting a few days ago, the gist of it is simple: translate MEL commands used in Autodesk Maya to Python 2.7.  Main credit goes to Brian Salisbury for providing the original MEL codes.


Most of the codes translate 1:1, almost taking up the same amount of space save for differing syntax, they are still the same contexts and runtime commands, however, there are some methods that are not as straightforward to translate.  From that the final file size is still only a few kilobytes at max.  There is also the issue of the delay in importing the pymel module, as well as the module taking up memory space.

Optimisation will be the priority at the end of this project, perhaps it can be done by modifying the pymel import to only target specific modules?

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