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Back from the conference, and here are the verdicts:

  1. Specialise or die, as recruitment in AAA industries generally prefer specialists who can do one thing well.
  2. Catch up with new technologies, not only do they make our jobs easier, they also tend to look better without needing as much work.
  3. Contacts are the most important thing ever – you can be the most amazing artist or programmer out there, but that is useless without someone knowing your existence.

Luckily, now that the semester is winding down somewhat, focusing on one thing will be that much easier.  Better finish that mech in this style:

Rumination in Solitude (Bagged)

Now that the dust has settled, we can start an analysis of the situation in retrospect:

At week one, we had a rocky start – Bagman was an extremely complex game to pull off with its varied game mechanics, and we have only managed to create the bare-bone of carrying and dropping the target.  Intel was lacking, and we did not know of the limitations of the Phaser engine (lack of C++ and vector art support) until week two led to a degradation of total efficiency.  Solid game design took until the middle of the second week to take hold, exacerbated by the difficulty of forming coherent meetings.  As week three came along, we scrambled to get the core mechanics together… with limited success.

Possible improvements? First, gauge the ability of the team quickly and limit the scope, finishing this predicted project by week two so we can add fluff to it in week three.  Second, scout around to find a game engine that suits everyone’s skill sets.  And the third, communicate! This team was far less vocal, and reliable than the one before, and that creates unnecessary down times.  Also learned in this project is that one need to lead with a firm hand to make sure everyone do their part, especially if initiatives are lacking!

Game is now hosted on Google Drive, access via this link (Firefox or Chrome recommended for access so everything will display correctly):

Controls are:

Arrow keys to move

Space bar to pick up and drop off convicts.

Have fun!

Startup and a trail of crumbs (Project – Glow)

“Welcome to EAE MGS Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”

And with that, let’s get started.  We will be using the Monogame/XNA engine, that is geared towards making 2-D games using software sprites instead of 3-D models.  This first job is a game about a chameleon, supposedly set somewhere in South Africa.

Basic creature design for the Boomslang.

Basic creature design for the Boomslang.

The player plays as a chameleon that needs to navigate its way in the dark, avoiding predators such as this venomous snake in the process.

On a side note, I am providing a link to my old blog links (may or may not require log-in to use):