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Testing the water

It has just occurred to me that I have never explained the process of concept art creation!

While there is no right or wrong way of doing it, here is how I have done it:

  1. Sketching on paper: There are few feelings as satisfying as a pencil on paper, for it offers the best control overall.  Feel free to brainstorm here, write down names and descriptions as one sees fit.  Do not be afraid to use a new sheet of paper if one gets smudged from repeated drawing and erasing.  This is also the best stage to do some research and use references, graphical or textual.
  2. Transition into digital media: Scan or take a picture of the drawn concept and transfer it to a computer with graphical editing software installed.  Name the file appropriately and put it into a location easily accessible.
  3. Working with the digital file: First, import the file into the graphical editing software of choice, save into a new file to preserve the original file as reference.  If the software permits, create a new “layer” over the original.  From there, one should start by outlining – using a thin brush to draw around the drawings.  Then, in another layer, colour in the outlines.  Thirdly, add highlights and shadows, best to do this by taking a light or dark version of the colours before in the palette.  Re-draw the outlines if necessary.
  4. Touch-ups: While the concept art is done as it is, it is possible to process it to fit the settings of the targeted work.  Add background colours, logos, and even filters to complete the effect.

Here is the result of such a process below.


A Shaggy Dog Story (Thesis)

We are going to go past the corporeal world in our game for the future, this meant even more artistic freedom, including but not limited to mystical beings.  Below are a collection of stylised Oceanic weaponry and a Pygmy, supposedly a hostile npc in game.