Monthly Archives: September 2015

Apostasy (Thesis)

As the overall quality of outsourcing and automated services increases, the demand for local asset creators decreases.  For us art generalists, it means to specialise in niches that are as popular, including UI arts, tool creation, lighting, and so on.  Now, to be able to apply these to our current project will be a whole other challenge.

Here is the current progress on Maui:


I have unwrapped and textured NPC characters modeled by Wuchen Li, these will be used for the “primary quest” of our game.

There are no geometry for the face besides the nose and the ear! So it means that we are just painting the texture onto the head mesh, before we can figure out how to add a second “layer” on top of it to give facial expressions.

Bricks in the Wall (Thesis)

This is also the first time creating a skybox in Unity 5: it requires six images, to make up the six sides of the cube that makes up the environment surrounding the world.

These are the icons of the Hawaiian deities created as 3D art pieces, from extruding planes and then applying a simple colour map.


Last but not least, as we are creating a selection of “family guardians” to grant certain powers to the player characters in the overworld – the following is a shark, done in the same style as the deities.






All in all, we are all just bricks in a massive wall called humanity.

Dogma: Part 2 (Thesis)

Generalists are difficult to place in a company, so make sure one has a specific field of expertise before attempting to get hired.  This one wonders if there is a job for re-skinners?

Here we have a refined version of the canoe texture, and some accessories for the characters in our game, now known as Maui.


Meandering (Thesis)

As hardware becomes more and more powerful, even the simplest of objects can contain as much as hundreds to tens of thousands of polygons.  What are polygons really, other than the minuscule dots that are becoming more and more difficult to see on the monitor?

The mechanics behind the pixels are somewhat of a mouthful, but basically goes as such: The computer reads and interpret what is in a stored file, outputs it into a series of hardware (RAM, GPU), and through it, creates an illusion of a living, breathing world onto the monitor.  Much of what is possible today can be attributed to the advancement in hardware engineering, these specialised components that take the workload off the core CPU.

In any case, here are today’s creation for the game:


Vectors Set! (Thesis)

Just another ordinary day at the project, but this time, I am trying my hand out at making vector art with Adobe Illustrator (the .gif previews here are definitely not vectors and are very rasteurised exports):

These are made free-hand with the pen tool in Illustrator, using primary colour black and secondary colour none. The lines are then carefully fitted with the selection tool.

From the left to right, top to bottom are:

Rain cloud for the God of Fertility, Lono. God of Duty and War, Kū. God of the Ocean, Kanaloa. And the last, the God of the Sky and all above the Ocean, Kāne.

This exercise also yielded a good-looking replacement logo for my old helm.