Monthly Archives: July 2015

Analysis Paralysis

With a complete change in the direction of our game, what should this one do? Instead of North America, we may be moving over to Hawaii, and that is a huge change in culture as well as game play mechanics.

Fortunately modding is still as relaxing as before.  Here is a “Gulyay-gorod” for the Russians: Basically moveable field fortifications to soak up missile fires and impeded enemy charges.


Schedule Slip

Working on another side project.  The Russians get very little love in the field of officers and generals – they have the generic European plate armoured generals that clashes with all of their art styles, so this one made do with a re-texture:


Made from the Kingdoms Middle Eastern Sultan model and the vanilla Russian textures.

And here it is in game.


Broken Lance

Well, the arts team have moved on elsewhere, so whatever assets that need done will have to be collaborated across long distances – meaning that this one is the only one left in the state.  Not like it will make much of a difference since we hardly did any work over the last few months. It will be up to this one to rectify the issue.

In another news, finally figured out out M2TW handles the weapon bones – they are stored in separate .cas files than the normal sequences and then are defined in the skeleton definition file, and then coupled in the battle models file.

We now have ninjas, pirates, zombies, and camel mounted troops carrying Aztec weapons – realism is now officially out of the window!

pirates_info repeating_crossbowmen_info aztec_zombies_infobedouin_cavalry_info