Monthly Archives: June 2015

End of an Era (Or Not)

Well, my modification projects to Medieval 2: Total War has ended with the completion of all 500 playable units.  The last two being a repeating crossbow cavalry and a heavy mounted crossbowmen, both of which have some historical evidence to back up their existences.


It’s going to be a bit difficult to say goodbye to such a versatile and familiar engine, but we must move on to unfamiliar pastures if we are to grow.

In case if anyone is wondering, yes that repeating crossbow shoots almost twice as fast as the normal one and has custom reload animations and sounds based on the mounted pistolier one.


My attempts to make a custom shader that allows for coloured shadows has failed – well, only mostly, I still found out how to operate a variety of legacy shaders, as well as finding out that transmissive colours work for static objects.  It is a matter of baking light maps, should have known when the property is set to TransmissiveColorLM.

Got to find a work-around for technical limitations.

Dogma: Part 1

“They have an abundance of gold and silver, and these make war, like other things, go smoothly.” -Hemokrates of Syracuse

Apparently there are no existing examples of Unity3D shaders that would allow for real-time rendition of coloured shadows – not for free that is, and I was not about to make the team pay up for something as trivial as this.  Onto writing the shader myself then, with luck, a modification of the default shader in Unity 5 should suffice.