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Harrowing (Thesis)

The EAE fest took place at 4/28/2015 CE, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.  In reality, it took place from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

The showing consisted of the Undergraduate Capstone, Masters Cohort 4 and 5.  The nature of the public showing allowed for a great number of participants to try out our games.

Digested details will come up on the next post.

The Target In Sight (Thesis)

For now, the objective is in plain sight; we are entering the last stage of the game development in this semester, the finished product will need to be ready before 4/28/2015.

Here are some placeholders for the sake of having something to show by that day.

How_to_Play_Zoomout_png000 pile_of_skulls_png000 mocccasin_512_png000

We have also received some feedback during the Indie Fest event, these were:

Expand the card deck, applying context sensitive cursors according to the card drawn with multiple ways to solve puzzles.

Stickers on children should be tailored to age and body size due to proximity from camera.

Make the collectible part online – scan the QR code to instantly unlock achievement.

Ability to rotate cursor with card.

And the last and not least, some sort of facial recognition system to allow for drawing cards again.

Balancing Act (Thesis)

Priorities.  We are one person short on the team, and just have to make do.  Also, with less than two weeks to the first viable build, we must question whether or not it is worth keeping the camera tech – it appears to be the main roadblock that is impeding our progress.  Mind, that our whole thesis was the question to whether or not a novel control such as this one would be entertaining, so we will be throwing the entire thesis out if we are to abandon the camera.

Time Marches On (Thesis)

Polish your own abilities to the level of your peers, currently they are far too spread out to be of any use.

Here we are, the last two weeks until Alpha.  We may not have the time to move on to finish all four levels, so we will have to make a choice to stay and polish our first up to a playable demo.  However, design can keep moving forward as before for we will need them done before the fall semester.

No positive words from any of the game companies, depending on them, we may or may not have time to work on the thesis game over the summer.

Head Count (Thesis)

Three more weeks until alpha.  We are hoping to finish the first stage out of four by the second week of April.  If there was anything we learned at the meeting with our representative up in Fort Douglas, was that any prehistoric art styles and artefacts are fair game.