Monthly Archives: February 2015

Dissent (Thesis)

It would appear there has been some degrees of discontent in the department last semester – hopefully such things have passed and will not affect its future.

Incidentally, the corn plant is now animated. (To use animated .gif files, set them to full size in the media management tab)

Might be without internet access the next week – so updates may be a bit spotty.

Edge of Night/The Dawn will Come (Thesis)

The idea of the “shadow” game seemed to have caught.  The engineering team is going to attempt to go on three different directions to find the best mechanic set.  The greatest hurdle to overcome here is the usage of OpenCV, a special camera interaction software developed by a third-party, in this case it is a black box that few of us understands.

On the art side, we have a list of tasks:

1. Splash/start screen.

2. Buttons for splash/start screen.

3. Concept arts

4. Basic level designs, including platforms and the assets that will be needed in there.

5. Colour palettes.

6. Reference images.

That is all for now, have them ready to go by Tuesday the 24th.


The Game

The games that made it through the grinder are:

-Sensory Overload (360 degrees field of vision at all time)

-Plato’s Cave (Camera recognise specific patterns)

-Crash City (Traffic sign safety system)

-My Ears are Burning (Binaural sound location)

-B.E.S.T (Police training simulator)

There is a minimum requirement for 10 people per team.

For now, to Plato’s Closet!

A Brief Respite (Safety)

The Industry Panel is done for now! We should get our results back on the 17th of February.

From the current lookout of things, it seems the Jams project has quite a bit of potential as a campaign based adventure – it should offer a huge variety of signs and traffic rules from West to East.  In addition, the rudimentary AI system could be tweaked to provide a more engaging and logical experience.

Now we wait.

Chained by the Bar Code (Safety)

The problem with a perfect system is that no one will ever make a mistake – this was oddly the case with the traffic system path-finding that we were using for this project.  With some adjustments however, vehicles can now collide, but harmless like bumper cars.

Anyway, here are the new tiles:


Unfortunately, we are using stock models and art assets for everything else, so it seems I am out of a job for now.