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I have to say that the EAE day is getting more and more awesome over the past three semesters, the games showed there look better and better, you can tell by just looking at the crowds that EAE is gaining popularity. I am proud to be one of the people here and I am really looking forward to our next semester, but now is a good time to take some rest and enjoy the holiday.







So two more weeks to go, every body is excited for the break, so am I. we did our team post mortem today with Jose and Brian, which basically summed up the ups and downs of this semester. I also got my voucher for the Star Wars movie, which is in two weeks, looking forward to it!

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 1.15.41 AM








Over the past two weeks, I have been editing and adding new animations for Maui, you might be wondering, ” that’s all you did?”.  Nope, besides that, I also made our female character, Alani. At this point, we are still discussing how to present her in the game, hopefully we get to use her in the EAE day build. Here is Alani doing a belly dance (this is still a WIP as the braid is not being animated):








So the character was fully rigged last week, I have been updating existing animations and making new animations for our game. Since I have learned from my mistake, the process was smooth and easy this time, rigging the character in T pose was especially helpful for us as the animations we use are mainly motion captures. I also made some in game assets in the past week when I had free time, following is the naupaka flower and rock texture I made.


rock          rock_tex_02







As promised, I started re-making the character right after the IGF submission. So here is what I got so far, low poly and rigged in T pose.








So we finally got our game submitted to IGF this Monday, everybody worked hard over the weekend. Whats even more awesome was that we had a submission celebration on Thursday morning, wonderful breakfasts and fruits were served, loved it! But IGF is just a new start for us, we have worked on our game in the past nine months and have experienced ups and downs, getting the game published is really a efficient way to spot problems, I guess we will need to polish the game for the rest of the semester and get it ready for the EAE day.








Every body in the lab is working their butt off  to hit the IGF submission deadline, which is only a few weeks away. Everything seems to be on the track for our team, I have got some time to make some buildings for the island scene after I finished the character.








After rigging the character I discovered that the Mixamo auto rigger works very well and they have a larger selection of animations, here is another prototype build that utilizes those animations. We are just using these easy-to-make animations for now to save sometime.







Our team has been working really fast to throw everything together, we practically have made what we made last semester in a month. Hope fully we can keep this up in the rest of the semester. Here is a pre-alpha gameplay of the prototype:








It was a busy week this week, but I finally got our character Maui rigged today. Our team is doing well and is currently on the week by week schedule.

Screen Shot