The busy days leading to GDC

Oh man life is crazy at the moment.  We have like 1 work week until we’re heading  down to San Francisco for GDC, and there’s so many things going on.  All Is Dust is looking great I must say, here’s some gameplay footage that John recently recorded.

If you compare this to the old footage you can see just how far the game has come along, there’s a lot more going on visually and the redone map is so much better.

We’ve also turned ourselves into a real company.  We’re called Mannequin Games LLC (an homage to the game that was stolen from us :P).  Being a company allows us a bit more legitimacy and may open doors for further publishing options.  Being able to say I’m the Lead Producer of Mannequin Games LLC doesn’t look to shabby on a resume either.

We’re so excited to show off the game at GDC and see all the other cool things going on down there.  We printed off some cool postcards to hand out to people, and my team is being super helpful and excited to help staff the booth.  It’s crazy to me that this time last year we were taking the Mannequin prototype around on a laptop, and now we’ll have All Is Dust with some prime booth space.

So if any readers are going to be at GDC, come visit us at the University of Utah booth (right next to the IGF pavillion).

This is the time when production work is really ramping up!  Trying to figure out the appropriate platforms for us to publish the game once it’s finished, managing the last few sprints before we declare it done, it’s nuts.  It’s the busiest I’ve ever been (and it’s just going to get busier) but I do feel more able to do it after the 2 years of schooling.  I’ve also got a great team that is happy to do their share of the work, everyone really pulls their weight!  The team leads are crushing it and it feels like this semester we’ve really hit our stride in working together as a team.

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