Poor unconscious Luigi...
Poor unconscious Luigi…

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Pauline is the second prototype game I worked on for our Rapid Prototyping class.  We were given the assignment to take an old 80’s arcade game and improve on it’s design.   Our team decided to iterate on the original Donkey Kong and add new ways to make the game fun.

We found that it was a lot of fun to run down and away from the falling barrels rather than upwards and towards them, so we flipped the game on it’s head.  Then, we thought that it would be fun to have Pauline be the hero and have her have to rescue someone else.  So we imagined a world where Luigi tries to rescue her, but fails, and has to have Pauline carry his unconscious body to the exit.

The goal of the game then becomes getting Luigi to the door, rather than just trying to get your character to a certain point.  The player become encumbered when carrying Luigi making it harder to outrun barrels.  Luigi also creates new gameplay as Pauline can throw him into barrels to explode them; uses on this are limited however, so important decisions must be made on when to use your power versus when to save it for later.

All told, we made this prototype in the span of about 2 weeks!  Please play our prototype and tell us what you think!  And check out my amazing teammates’ blogs below-

Pauline Development Team

Christopher Cherrington – Artist

James Hulse – Producer/Engineer

Nancy Newren – Engineer

Swapnil Sawant – Engineer

Travis Turner – Producer

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