My Portfolio

Starving Artist– Mobile matching puzzle game prototype.  The player takes the role of a struggling artist, trying to sell paintings to keep afloat.  Unique sliding mechanics and art aesthetic set this game apart from other puzzle games in the genre.

Pauline– An iteration on the hit arcade game Donkey Kong.  Take the role of the princess as she tries to save herself and her would be rescuer from falling barrels.

The Last Pterodactyl– A forced running game where two players are pitted against one another.  Take on the role of God and stop evolution in it’s tracks, or soar through the skies as a pterodactyl and try to knock God off his cloud.

[Protocol]Transcendence– A top down stealth game set in a dystopic future.  Take the role of a drone trying to steal important documents from government ships.  Finalist in the MoDev $10,000 Windows 8 App Contest.  Click here to get Protocol:Transcendence from the Windows 8 App Store!

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