Blog? What Blog? Oh….

I’m sitting here just in shock that it’s been almost 3 months since I’ve made a blog post.  I’m disappointed in myself for letting it go that long and getting caught up in other things, but at the same time I’m proud of the accomplishments we’ve made on All Is Dust in that time.

We’ve finally got the story pretty much locked down and we’ve decided to have the story elements conveyed through a series of hand drawn 2D images, rather than trying to construct new scenes for just what’s essentially a cutscene.  This is working out really well since it lets our engineers focus more on making the existing scenes shine, and we have Jing on the team who is fantastic at 2D art, and she’s super excited to take a crack at the new story elements.  We should have her mockups to show soon, and we’ll know then how everything is shaping up.

The game has a definite direction that the player is supposed to take, and we’ve come a long way in conveying that.  It used to be that we pretty much just put the Oculus on the player and said “have at it”, but now there are all sorts of things to help guide them.  There is a ghost of the daughter character that leads them around, there is a map that they can bring up at will to help re-orient themselves if they get lost, and there’s a much improved text and UI system in place.  So we have much less of a problem of players just wandering around aimlessly now.

GDC is now exactly 1 month away!  We have a month to polish this like crazy and show it off as much as we can, and we’re all working a lot to make it shine and also sell ourselves as potential employees.  I’m excited to go back to San Fransisco with another years worth of skills under my belt, and to see what connections can come out of it.

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