All Is Dust on Greenlight!

Well, I’m a day late to my blog but that’s because WE JUST LAUNCHED ALL IS DUST ON GREENLIGHT!!

It is a SIZEABLE process getting a campaign like this ready, and I’m sure that there were a million other things I could have done to help out getting us ready.

But HERE IS THE LINK!  Please visit and give us a yes vote, and share if you feel so inclined.  The game is free and it would mean the world to us to help us get on Steam.

Once the dust settles and we’re either successfully on Steam or not, I’d like to write a more detailed blog about what I learned in this process.  Honestly, this has totally given me a better understanding to just what a massive and HUGELY important job community management is.  Balancing getting this campaign ready with normal production responsibilities has been tough!

I’m so proud of my team and all the work they’ve put in to getting the game looking and playing so good!  So anyway, short and sweet this week.  Stop reading and go vote/share!


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