A New Challenger Approaches

And by a new challenger I mean real life.  We’re 1 week away from being done with school.  Really, after Friday of this week I just have nothing left to do for school. We’ve got EAE day on Tuesday, I’ll show off my level design stuff on Wednesday, and then our Thesis Defense is on Friday.

That’s it, and then I graduate the next week!

It’s so crazy, but we don’t really get a lot of time to stop and think about it.  This past week has been nuts.  We launched our Greenlight on Monday evening and it’s been a fantastic week for it.  As of my writing right now, we’re 98 percent of the way to the top 100 Greenlight games!  Actually here, let me show you and let that sink in!

Greenlight progress

It’s a fantastic trajectory and with the extra exposure we’ll get at EAE day there’s almost no way we won’t break into the top 100.  After that, it’s up to the people at Valve to decide, but we’re very optimistic!  In the chart in the bottom right, we’re the bright green line.  So you can see we’re well above the pace needed to get in the top 100.  And the 51 percent yes vote ratio is really good, the average is around 30!

In addition to the Greenlight we’ve been busy prepping the thesis defense.  We had a dry-run on Tuesday and were summarily destroyed.  So we’ve spent a decent amount of time reworking it, and I think it will pay off.  I’m pretty happy with the flow we’ve got now.

Tuesday will be crazy showing off the game at EAE day, but it’s going to be a great day and we’re excited to show All Is Dust and see all the great games everyone else has been so hard at work at!

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