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A New Challenger Approaches

And by a new challenger I mean real life.  We’re 1 week away from being done with school.  Really, after Friday of this week I just have nothing left to do for school. We’ve got EAE day on Tuesday, I’ll show off my level design stuff on Wednesday, and then our Thesis Defense is on Friday.

That’s it, and then I graduate the next week!

It’s so crazy, but we don’t really get a lot of time to stop and think about it.  This past week has been nuts.  We launched our Greenlight on Monday evening and it’s been a fantastic week for it.  As of my writing right now, we’re 98 percent of the way to the top 100 Greenlight games!  Actually here, let me show you and let that sink in!

Greenlight progress

It’s a fantastic trajectory and with the extra exposure we’ll get at EAE day there’s almost no way we won’t break into the top 100.  After that, it’s up to the people at Valve to decide, but we’re very optimistic!  In the chart in the bottom right, we’re the bright green line.  So you can see we’re well above the pace needed to get in the top 100.  And the 51 percent yes vote ratio is really good, the average is around 30!

In addition to the Greenlight we’ve been busy prepping the thesis defense.  We had a dry-run on Tuesday and were summarily destroyed.  So we’ve spent a decent amount of time reworking it, and I think it will pay off.  I’m pretty happy with the flow we’ve got now.

Tuesday will be crazy showing off the game at EAE day, but it’s going to be a great day and we’re excited to show All Is Dust and see all the great games everyone else has been so hard at work at!

All Is Dust on Greenlight!

Well, I’m a day late to my blog but that’s because WE JUST LAUNCHED ALL IS DUST ON GREENLIGHT!!

It is a SIZEABLE process getting a campaign like this ready, and I’m sure that there were a million other things I could have done to help out getting us ready.

But HERE IS THE LINK!  Please visit and give us a yes vote, and share if you feel so inclined.  The game is free and it would mean the world to us to help us get on Steam.

Once the dust settles and we’re either successfully on Steam or not, I’d like to write a more detailed blog about what I learned in this process.  Honestly, this has totally given me a better understanding to just what a massive and HUGELY important job community management is.  Balancing getting this campaign ready with normal production responsibilities has been tough!

I’m so proud of my team and all the work they’ve put in to getting the game looking and playing so good!  So anyway, short and sweet this week.  Stop reading and go vote/share!


The One Where He Turns His Blog Into a Task List

This will be a quick blog post since I’ve been swamped with things going on, but quick is better than none right?

So, graduation is now less than one month away…




Yeah, so we graduate on May 8th, and there is so much to do between now and then.   I think I’m going to list them here as it might be interesting to those who may be reading this blog wondering what the EAE experience is like right at the end, and it will be a place I can look back at to remind myself what I need to be working on!

  • Wrap up production on All Is Dust- This seems obvious, but it’s something that needs to happen.  We need to get in the work that is outstanding and make the final build.  This will happen within the coming week.
  • Publish All Is Dust-  This is the big one, the one that’s going to take the most time, but it’s also the most important.  We’re shooting for publishing on a few different platforms.  I’ve spoken with one of the founders of and he says they’d love to have our game there, so we’ll definitely be with them soon.  In addition to that platform we’re submitting to Desura, the Oculus Share platform, and we’re going to try our hand at Steam Greenlight.  We learned a lot watching the VERY successful Greenlight campaign of our classmates at Retro Yeti, so we hope to take those lessons and give our game the best chance it has.  Oh and BTW their game is releasing on the 16th, go get it HERE!
  • Prepare the thesis defense- This is another biggie.  This is where our team defends the work we’ve done and justifies why we feel they should give us degrees.  No biggie…
  • Prepare for the final playtest- This feels like it’s less of a playtest and more celebrating the work we’ve done as a cohort, but we need to make sure we have the build in a good place for it on Tuesday.
  • The final All Hands presentation-  John is taking the lead on this one, but it’s a significant one so I’ll help as much as I can.  We can probably double-dip a lot of the thesis defense material as well.
  • Make my level for Virtual Worlds-  I’ve chosen Disney Infinity 2.0 to make a level for, and the editor is VERY user friendly, but even so making a fun level is a sizeable amount of work.
  • Edit rules for the Paper Prototyping class-  In paper prototyping we all designed a board game, and now we’re swapping our rulesets with another classmate in order to have two perspectives on them.  So we need to take the rules we’ve been given and try to enhance and clarify.

I am like 100 percent sure I’m overlooking something, but these are the big things that are on my plate.  It’s a lot, and I’m working a full-time job now too, but it feels doable.

Oh yeah, I haven’t said on the blog.  I started doing QA at Disney about a month ago!  It’s a great learning experience for me and I work with some great people.  The game we’re working on is being announced next month I believe so when that happens I can talk more openly about it, but it’s I can tell you it’s great!

Thanks for reading and letting me use this blog post as a task-list.  I’ll try to follow up with another short post next Sunday.