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Test Blog Please Ignore

Thinking up names for blog posts is hard…

I’m doing my best to keep up on blog posts, but there are SO MANY things pulling for our time that I’ve let the personal blog fall to the side more than I should.  Let me start with some good news.


The team worked super hard to get the game to a playable state and they succeeded!  We had a really good playtest with some highschool kids the day before we submitted, and we definitely succeeded in scaring a teenage girl or two- yes we feel quite proud of that :).

Horror games are so difficult to get right.  They’re so dependent on sound and textures and ambience to get the fear working.  This makes development somewhat ungratifying for the team I think, they work so hard for so long and it’s just not quite scary, until that moment when it finally IS.  And that was phenomenal for those of us that were there.  The game jumped from being not scary at all weeks prior, to finally making someone yell from fright.  It’s like someone flipped a switch and all our hard work finally started paying off.  We didn’t get a video of the reactions, which we’ll definitely want to do starting very soon, but here’s a picture of Swapnil playing with our “modded” Oculus to tide you over.

Speaking of the Game, please check out our website HERE, follow All is Dust on Twitter, and like our Facebook.  We would definitely appreciate any traffic we can get to these sites and these will be the places to get new information about the game’s development.

Lastly, we’ve got a fun gameplay video that shows some of what players are in for.  Let me know what you think!