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It’s almost April?! pt. 2

Some of the other things that happened this month were GDC and the whole grind for trying to find an internship.

Some of you know that I had the opportunity to interview at Disney Interactive (more specifically, Avalanche Software in Salt Lake) for a Game Design Internship.  I unfortunately recently received the news that they decided to go with another candidate, but the interview experience was a great one.  I thought to myself that a year ago I would have had exactly zero chance of even getting an interview there, and how far I’ve come in my education to make games.

I certainly had help in getting the interview, I’d never deny the importance of networking well to anyone reading.  But in the interview I felt prepared and able to answer most of their questions.  I’m sure they chose someone with more published titles or something along those lines, but the interview was valuable for me to learn the sort of questions that are asked in these kind of things.  And it will help me focus my efforts in the future to make my skills even more in line with the type of things that they might be looking for.

Other than Disney, I haven’t had many (ie any) bites for internships, so it looks like this summer I’ll be looking for a normal job!  All I can do now is keep applying everywhere and doing my best at school, because really it’s the relationships that I make here with faculty and classmates that will help determine my placement in the future.

Game Developers Conference.  GDC is amazing.  And exhausting.  GDC is a whirlwind of networking, learning, parties, interviews, everything.  I came back in awe of the talent in this industry, people are making such cool things and it really strengthened my resolve to make the coolest things I can too!

Cyber Heist, one of the thesis games from Cohort 3, had an incredible showing in both the IGF Student Showcase and the Intel Student Games Competition, and we were all so excited for them.

I think for me this year at GDC was almost a preparatory year.  This is in the sense that I’m not exactly looking for jobs yet, and I’m making contacts that will be useful to me now and after graduation.  I learned a lot and came back knowing what I should change to make an even better showing of myself and my talents for next year.  Plus, next year we’ll have our own incredible thesis game to show off.

So thanks again for reading, and sorry the wait was so long!  It’s going to be another crazy month ahead in the sprint to the end of the semester, but I’ll do my best to stay on top of this.

It’s almost April?! pt. 1

Well, I have totally dropped the ball on this blog over the past month and I’m sorry!  I know there are a few of you out there that read most of these posts and I’ve been terrible at providing new content to you.  Let me quickly list out some of the things that have kept us so busy this last month and then go into detail about a few of them-

1. Pitching thesis games to a panel of INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS (no big deal right?).

2. Narrowing down from 2 potential games to the 1 that we’ll work on for the next whole year (again, nothing intimidating to see here…)

3. Applying for ALL THE INTERNSHIPS (Interview at Disney yes please).

4. Game Developers Conference (San Francisco is as amazing as everyone says it is)!

Actually, I’ll talk a bit about all of these things.  You’ve all been patiently waiting and you know what you deserve it!  Pat yourselves on the back.

Pitching the games.  I know I’ve been kind of silent on the thesis game process this far, but a big part of that was because there was uncertainty which of the projects our team was working on would end up moving forward, and I didn’t want to begin writing much about a game that might not continue past the semester.

The agoraphobia game evolved into a game that we titled Supernova, and I must say I am insanely impressed by the Supernova team.  We all worked very hard and in the end came up with a super fun platforming game with some unique mechanics.  We went for an extremely low poly art style and in the end the world came out looking like this

The other half of our team was hard at work on the Mannequin game, which is a horror game for the Oculus Rift.  Mannequin had some of the best reception by the industry panel.  There were so many professionals that said basically “Make that game.  Now!”  Our team took some time to discuss the games and the pros and cons of each, but ultimately the decision was clear.  Mannequin would be the game to move forward.  Check out some super early gameplay that we used for the industry pitch below.

The whole team has been amazing, both those that worked on Supernova and on Mannequin.  We’re just now beginning to come back together to work as one big team so we’re adjusting to how that whole process feels, but I wholly believe in my team’s ability to do great things.

In order to keep this post from getting too long, I’ll make a part 2 to talk about internships and GDC!  Stay tuned!