Monthly Archives: January 2014

Back on Track

Well I am clearly a little behind schedule on these blog posts!  I’ll write a quick one today to get up to speed and then continue with my normal detailed Friday posts in a few days.

These last few weeks have been insane.  I remember thinking it was crazy that we were already divided into our thesis teams, but as of writing this we have now narrowed down our potential ideas to ideas!  We had an intense week of narrowing and pitching and refining, and we’re now left with the two ideas that will go into prototyping.  I am very impressed with my team and their ability to think of great ideas, but also with the ability of everyone to willingly move on when their personal ideas weren’t ones that made the cut.

I’ll talk more in depth about the ideas Friday, but as of now our two ideas can be summed up in one word each.



I’ll let you stew on that for a few days and be back to sate your curiosity on Friday!

Right Back to It

Well we’re one week in to the new semester here at EAE and things are already going full steam again.  One thing this program is great at is using all the time we have available to the fullest.  We came back to class on Tuesday and about an hour later we had already divided ourselves into the teams for our thesis games.

Let that sink in for a minute.  In the space of an hour or two we’ve divided ourselves into the teams that we’ll be working with for the next year and a half.

That’s nuts.  But it’s also amazing!  I’m super excited to be with the people I’m with, of the 13 other people on our team I’ve only worked with 2 of them before so it will be a great chance to get to know a whole lot of new people.   I’ve been quite impressed with the work I’ve seen them all do on other projects and I think we’ll have a dynamite team going forward.

We had a great brainstorming session on Thursday and I think we have some great ideas going forward.  Here’s a picture of the team hard at work.

bonus points if you can spot my laptop.
Super fun first brainstorming session.

Other than working on the thesis game we have had a lot of fun getting started in our other classes.  I’m in the User Experience class taught by Amy Adkins and we’re really going to hone in on how to make games good experiences for players.  On top of that, us producers are taking a coding class where we learn some basic functionality in C#.  It’s going to be great for us to be able to be more literate in the subject of engineering when we communicate with engineers so much on a daily basis.

I’m really excited for this semester, it’s certainly going to be harder but we’ve got some great things on the horizon.  Thanks for reading and I’m excited to see what other stuff there will be next week!