November 13

Progress is continuing on the game.  We had a very productive meeting about the future of the art assets, and the decision was made to try to include the outside of the house, and well at potentially some other farm buildings.  That means that all the work we’ve done on those parts won’t be wasted, and we’ll be able to include them inside the game.  That fills up the backlog for the art team and means that everyone had work to do.

They also want to do a test with a ghost, which Jing is working on right now.  We’ll test it next week and see how it looks, and if it does it will allow us to add more story elements to the game.  I think that is the current biggest weakness of the game, so I’m excited to improve it.

This does, however, mean that the art team will need to spend time making the house and putting in all the assets.  But I think we’re up to it.  Sherry is improving the assets and I’ll use my modular system to hopefully be able to make buildings quickly without wasting time.

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