January 29

Progress is coming along well with the game.   The biggest change over the last few days has been the creation of a new story.  We got together as as small team and made major changes to the story, but I feel like they were positive changes.  We made no fundamental changes to the story, and greatly simplified it.  In addition, we made a number of changes that tied back into the story and make it feel more cohesive.  We also decided we would show the changes with simple pictures during the game, which I feel is the best way of telling the story with the least amount of expenditure of resources.

We are working through texturing and lighting the house, and we’ve run into some unexpected problems.  But the team has responded well, and we’ve been working as hard as we can.  I think we can stay on schedule while also keeping quality high, and we have enough time to get through all the problems.

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