February 26 Week before GDC

Well, we got all the art done we needed for GDC.  Sherry did an amazing job set dressing the house and getting it all finished.  Chris textured the barn and now it’s in the game too.  I built some more last-minute assets and Chris and I built a new arm and lantern.  Because those assets are in front of the character for most of the game, it was more important than we realized that they be high resolution.

The engineers also did a very good job.  We worked with them to make sure our assets could be implemented easily and not break the game.  We also had a meeting with everyone to make sure we were on the same page for GDC and everyone was prepared for presenting our game and making it seem as good as possible.

We also worked with the producers to make sure we finished everything important for GDC.  I personally wished we could have had more lighting in the game, but we have plenty of time afterwards to work on that.  I talked with Sherry and she agreed that lighting should be our next major task for the next semester.

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