Monthly Archives: December 2014

Push Week December 4

Work is progressing well on the game.  We had a meeting with the design team last week and came up with a solution to multiple problems.  When the art team finishes an asset, we’ll now show it to the entire team and let everyone see it.  That will give the team a chance to see what we’re working on and give any necessary feedback, and it will hopefully cut down on the amount of wasted work the art team does.  We discussed with the design team how sometimes assets have be redesigned after they’re already finished, which wastes large amounts of work.

We’re also getting to a point in production now where things are moving very quickly and we need to get things finished.  I want to have most of the art finished by the end of February, which will give us a few months to polish, fix bugs, and make sure everything is working well.  That means we only have nine more weeks of class, so we need to be finishing things quickly and moving on to other things.

Most of the artists are happy and producing good work.  The major concern has been people redesigning art and wasting time.  Hopefully showing the team our art will help cut down on that.  I also worked to communicate with the design lead how our art progress work, and personally talked with him about trying to make sure problems are caught early in the production process before work is wasted.  I think that will help, and I’ll keep a record of progress on that.