Monthly Archives: September 2014

Week 5 September 22

Work is still progressing well, although we are starting to encounter design problems that are distracting from our work.  Today we had a short meeting to discuss design problems, and that went reasonably well.  People expressed honest opinions about their doubts with the game, specifically that they feel there is a lack of focus and direction.  The discussion was passionate but not heated, and hopefully these issues get resolved before people become more frustrated.

For our part, we’re trying to stay focused on our work, making the assets that are necessary for the game.  Sherry is continuing to make higher quality assets for the house, and Jing has been making textures that can be put on the assets.  We tested the textures today and they worked well, and we were able to see how they interact with the lighting inside the house.  The lighting is very strong and bright, so it effects the textures and we’ll have to discuss that on our next art meeting.

Week 4 September 18

We’ve made more progress on our game and fixed the problems we were having with the assets.  It was a major effort, as we sat down and hashed out each of the major problems one at a time.  It was a good learning moment for everyone, and we got all 50 assets finished and given to the engineers.  We also made a list of who built which asset so the engineers would know who to contact when they have a problem with any of them.

We’ve also talked about making a new type of house.  Our gameplay mechanic is being chased and hiding in a house, so the suggest was the try making the house a little larger so there would be more space for that.  I think that would be a good idea, so over the weekend I’ll work to get that done and make sure the house works well.  Chris is doing a good job of making the theme for the art, and Jing and Sherry are working hard on the assets.  I think we’re making good progress, and ready to start shifting towards making textures.  It’s going to be a big step, and I hope we have enough time and effort to do a good job on the textures.

Week 3 September 11

Progress on the game is continuing well.  Assets are being made, textures are being built, and the design of the game is not making obstacles for the art.  The art team is passionate and working hard and making good progress.  I’m working on the house interior and placing the art assets inside so that the levels designers can make wiser decisions as they continue working.

We just had a story meeting because the art team was facing some major obstacles.  Without a set story, were were struggling to create assets that would visually reflect the characters inside the game.  Our story meeting went very well and we’ve made some great progress with the story, and the leads have given me the freedom to make story changes that help the art team.  So that obstacle has been removed.

We are also working on our color pallets, going through what colors we want to include and how to use that to help the story.  Because of the setting during a dust storm, our pallet is going to include a lot of reds, browns, and oranges, which should give the game a warm, dirty look.  Our current main obstacles is to make sure certain objects stick out from their surroundings.  We’ll continue to work through that next week.

September 4

Well, we’re making good progress on the game so far.  The art team has been really productive, and Sherry and Jing have made all 50 assets already and moved on the other things.  I’ve built the house and the engineers are already walking around inside it.  I’m glad I was able to make it so quickly because it has allowed other teams to do other things, and removed any obstacles for level design.  Also, by finishing the house so quickly we avoided bogging down in design.

We still deciding some design issues, but fortunately we’re moving so fast many of the design decisions are made kind of by force.  Because we have so little time we only spend time on the decisions that need time spent on, which is how it should be.  And once a few of us start being very productive it’s much easier for everyone else to be productive.

We’re also working on the general art design, like the color pallet and the general design decisions.  I think we have a good general idea, but things still need to be crystallized.  Fortunately, these are things we don’t need to worry about specifically, and we can make the decisions when we get to them, as opposed to spending a lot of time “designing.”