Monthly Archives: August 2014

August 25 Start of New Year

Well, we’ve started a new school year, with a new game idea.  I like Americana for several reasons, one being that it is similar enough to Mannequin that we can use a lot of the assets and algorithms that we spent so much time building before.  It is also a simple and easy to understand idea, meaning that we’ve already started running on design and art because we have a really sure idea of what the vision is.

It’s also a very visually stimulating environment, an old dusty farm from the 1930’s.  It’s a chance to to make a lot of older, dirty items that I wouldn’t have a chance to make.  We’ve started designing things and constructing assets, and so far we’ve not had any major problems.

Jing and Sherry have started making small assets, Chris is working on the cornfield and scarecrow, and I’m making the farmhouse.  We’re working with the engineers that are making the levels so that we don’t waste time, and right now we’re making the house super simple so if there’s any design changes it won’t take much time.