Monthly Archives: February 2014

February 20

So progress on the game is good.  I’ve built a build kit for the producers and they’ve used it to start building levels on their own, which should greatly reduce the amount of effort we need to expend to do that.  I’ve also put a lot of assets into the kits, which makes room construction even better.  I’m tired of all our rooms being full of boxes and cubes.  Now we can put actual stuff in the rooms.

We’re having some engineering problems, especially because one of the engineers has been repeatedly absent.  But the producers are on top of it, and the other engineers have been great in picking up the slack.  They’ve been solving some major engineering problems, and I really liked our team.  Us artists are also working very well together, which is a great thing.  We’ve never had a really major art argument, which I’ve seen derail art teams in the past.

I think one thing that is really helping that is the face that each of us has fallen into a category of production.  I’m working on the modular parts, Chris is doing level design, Sherry is doing lighting, and Jing is doing concept art.  This division keeps us busy and we don’t step on each other’s toes.

Feb 11

This weekend I worked on building our mall and making the different rooms.  Progress is working well on the panels, which allows the rooms to be built very quickly.  That is helping us a lot, and should allow us to continue making progress in that area.  I don’t think my idea of using the same modular parts that build the architecture to build the assets, because we aren’t in a science fiction setting.  However, I am using the game as an excuse to experiment with the different ideas I have been thinking about dealing with the modularity.

However, the mall is coming along well and I’ve learned a lot about what to do and not do when building things out of modular pieces.  I’m on the third generation right now, and I think I’ll start on the fourth in a couple of days.  So far the idea is working well and I have every confident that I should continue in this direction