Monthly Archives: January 2014

January 30

Progress is happening on our games!  Jing and Sherry are working hard on creating assets for the game.  We spent some time working on how to best make assets for the game, and how to keep them simple and have good colors that are easy to distinguish from each other.  They are working and learning very hard and are making great progress.  Soon we’ll have a killer art team to make assets!

We’re currently working through how to build the entire game.  I came up with a system that would build the walls out of panels, and we’re currently working with the engineers to see how that idea could be implemented through the game.  There are many different possibilities and I’ll have to do more research into how the game might work and how the engineering could be implemented.  It’s an interesting challenge and I don’t know how to best work through it.  This weekend should be very interesting.

January 28

Well, things are moving forward effectively on our games.  The mannequin has a much more focused system right now, so the art requirements are very specific.  We have four people ready to work on the art, and have split it up very well.  Two making assets for the rooms, one making the mannequin characters, and me making up the rooms for the building.

This is going to be a very fun opportunity for me to focus on the modular aspects of architecture.  Making things out of modular parts is a definite interest of mine, and now I have a chance to really do something that fits into that requirement.  I can do a lot of experimentation and see how few parts I can get to work with the system, and how well it works with other artists and engineers.  Obviously, a modular system isn’t going to be effective is other people can’t work well with it.

So far, I’ve done research into different modular systems that are used in real world construction.  Some of these systems use prefabricated rooms that are then hooked up together, while others use panels that can be hooked up however the designers want.  All of these systems run up against the same problem, which is what I call the “double wall” problem.  This is where two rooms are placed against each other, but each has a wall so it creates two walls.  I’m thinking one possible solution is to create the walls separately, but that means that we really aren’t making prefabricated rooms but rather prefabricated panels, which means more work for the engineers.

January 21

Things have been going very well for our teams.   We came up with 100 ideas for us to work on and had a painful time trying to get it down to five to present to the class, which is  a pretty good sign.  I was put on the team to present our Augmented Reality (AR) game, and I had a fun time doing research and learning more about the exciting possibilities in that field.

We then cut our games down to three, and I am once again on the AR game.  I think we have three really fun and interesting games, and I would be pleased with any one that got through to the final game.  I am very happy that I am on a team that works well and that I get along with.  We don’t have too many strong personalities that could possibly start fighting amongst themselves (a problem we had on previous teams).  And we have a lot of engineers to tackle any potential engineering problems that we might face.

I am also exciting because all three games provide very different artistic possibilities for our art team to work on.  I am happy with the other artists that are on the team and the possibilities we have to work with them and learn from each other.  I have some artistic ideas I would like to try and experiment and I am exciting about the idea of doing that.