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Week 7 October 6

So we made changes to the bomb mechanic.  Now the idea is to have different bomb effects for each level.  The ideas we have so far is to have the first level be the basic bomb effect, and the next level the bomb will also freeze the ground, allowing the players to skate on the ground and knock the creatures into each other, destroying them.

Then we had a third idea for a bomb that creates smoke, which hides the enemies from view.  This makes the level far more difficult, so this wouldn’t be used until the farther levels.  We also introduced the idea of making a poison glass cloud that would kill the player when it touches them.

The game is coming along well besides that, though.  More assets are finished and the engineers are implementing the new ideas being introduced through our play testing with other people in the class

Week 6

Work is progressing well on the game.  The sprites are working with the engineer’s work, and we are able to play and test the game!  We are all very excited about the work we are doing.

We added an iteration to the game of a bomb, which I think is a pretty creative idea.  This is a bomb that the player can use to freeze the enemies temporarily.  We faced a pretty major problem with how the bomb is picked up.  Ideas varied from the bomb activating when the player has a certain number of points, or has killed a certain number of enemies.

We then showed the game to the faculty, and got some feedback that the bomb might be too powerful and needs to have some other mechanic so that the game is still challenging.  This has added to our problems and we will probably be spending more time on the bomb in the future.