The first day of Rapid Prototyping class we were given basic instructions about the course and its structure for the entire semester.  We were supposed to create a mono game for the first prototype. We were randomly allotted a team and each team was given a dollar store toy, to develop a game around it.The toy we received was a gun

Team Photo:


The team members from left are Patrick Randazzo(Producer),Leigh Chan(Producer),Suwas Walve(Engineer),Wesley Meek(Artist),Pranav Nayak(Engineer),Siddardha Vangala(Engineer).We were all nervous and excited, we decided to have a small team meeting, we all discussed different ways the gun can be used to shoot different objects in the game. We all came up with some logical and some funny ideas. Finally, we all agreed that we would be making a color object shooting game.

The first week the main task for the engineers was to get used to monogame development process. In the first week I started with the online tutorials for monogame development, I created the animation sprite which was the part of the video.

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