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The Ultimate week:

We were all excited and nervous in the final week,  this was our first game in the class and we had all worked hard on it, we just needed some final tweaking of some mechanisms.

We inserted the Game over screen when the health goes down in the game or when the player Wins the game. The game was ready and finally built.

Thursday was the final pitch of our game in front of all the EAE faculty members. The game was nice and fun to play with, all the faculty acknowledged and liked our game and also provided valid feedback.


This was the final week before the rough pitch for the game was due and we had a lot of work to do, especially the engineer side as new features were added to the game in the last minute. The team decided to add a new mechanism to the game based on the feedback that we got from Roger.

The new mechanism was to have lane buckets where the player needs to collect the respective color in order to gain health. I was working on the buckets and the health logic.The other two engineers were successful implementing  enemy movements, patterns, enemy kill score for the game.

Our project was mostly complete we just had to include levels, with a start and an end screen to make it a game


After getting familiar with the developing, a project in monogame we now had to get the basic functionality of the laser gun. At this point, the team successfully completed the art and the movement of the gun.

I started working on the sprites and making the sprite move while other two engineers tried to implement the top down movement of the enemies and the laser shooting. By the end of the week, I completed making the sprite for the laser gun and made it move according to the user input.

The second week was fun and I got to learn a ton of things, getting all these things to work was hectic but I enjoyed a lot implementing it.


The first day of Rapid Prototyping class we were given basic instructions about the course and its structure for the entire semester.  We were supposed to create a mono game for the first prototype. We were randomly allotted a team and each team was given a dollar store toy, to develop a game around it.The toy we received was a gun

Team Photo:


The team members from left are Patrick Randazzo(Producer),Leigh Chan(Producer),Suwas Walve(Engineer),Wesley Meek(Artist),Pranav Nayak(Engineer),Siddardha Vangala(Engineer).We were all nervous and excited, we decided to have a small team meeting, we all discussed different ways the gun can be used to shoot different objects in the game. We all came up with some logical and some funny ideas. Finally, we all agreed that we would be making a color object shooting game.

The first week the main task for the engineers was to get used to monogame development process. In the first week I started with the online tutorials for monogame development, I created the animation sprite which was the part of the video.