The final games presented to friends and family!

7/31 – Day 5!

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On the last day of camp, we had the morning to polish our games and wrap up any last-minute tasks we needed to complete to really make our projects shine. Instead of heading to the Student Union for lunch, we got a pizza party in the classroom! We watched some YouTube, ate pizza, and played […]

Sampling some EAE-xcellent student-made games!

7/30 – Day 4!

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To kick off day 4, we kept working on our games. In the afternoon, we were heading to the EAE program to ask the program staff to play our games and give us design tips and game feedback. That meant working hard all morning so we could take our best version of our game to […]

Learning Photoshop by making Minecraft Steve!

7/29 – Day 3!

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Now that everyone had a little bit of game design and programming knowledge under their belts, it was time to work on our art chops! We spent the morning learning some basic Photoshop tools, and put our skills to the test by tracing and coloring Minecraft Steve. Everyone might not be artists, but everyone loves […]

Visiting the EA Salt Lake office!

7/28 – Day 2!

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Right out of the gate on day 2, we hit the computer lab and started working on developing our game ideas from Monday. After about 2 hours, the instructors visited each student team to see the progress they had made so far in development. We were blown away! Some teams had figured out tricks in […]

Learning Construct 2 by making Flappy Bird!

7/27 – Day 1!

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The first day of the Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE) game design workshop, we talked a lot in the morning about game design. It’s important to be able to understand why games are fun or are our favorite games, not just because “they’re fun” or “I get to build stuff.” We talked about the experiences games […]

The attentive audience members!

6/26 – Day 5!

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Final day of camp! What a whirlwind week it was. We had some time in the computer lab in the morning to wrap up any last minute development needs on our games, and then we went into the classroom to talk about how to talk about our games. If you make an awesome game but can’t convince […]

AJ schooling us in the EAE game development lab

6/25 – Day 4!

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Fresh off the excitement of day 3, all the students got right into the thick of developing their games first thing on Thursday morning. The greatest part that we tried to capture with this photo is there was a lot less instructor oversight in development today – all of the students were aware of how to […]

Games being made!

6/24 – Day 3!

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Day 3 was a work day. The students got back in to their teams and started to really hit the pavement developing their games and making their art assets! There is a wide spectrum of themes being represented in the games being made, from old-school pixel art games to space games to farm animal games. […]

Attentively watching Red's presentation about what it's like to work at a game studio

6/23 – Day 2!

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Yesterday we talked about our favorite games and tried to dig deeper into why they were so fun. This is a list that we came up with on one of the whiteboards. Based on some of these characteristics, we started coming up with ideas for our own games to make this week. We formed small […]

Game programmers in the making!

6/22 – Day 1!

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On day 1 of the EAE Game Design Studio summer camp, we first learned a lot about game design. All the students got into teams and started brainstorming their own game ideas based on random words each team member wrote on a card. That might sound like the recipe for a disastrous game but it actually […]