The Final Semester

I began the final semester of my masters program this week with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was a little sad knowing that I would be with these wonderful classmates and teammates only for 5 more months, but on the other, I was excited at the prospect of entering the games industry after I graduate ( a childhood dream!).

Moving on to the status of our game. It was sound at the core, but it was pretty buggy. We had a lot of camera and aiming issues which we needed to address, among other things, and get our game publish worthy. We discussed at length what we should aim to accomplish by the end of February, so that we could have a better game for GDC. I was in charge of the UI and menus ( which needed some tweaking). We already had a menu system architecture put in place by Ron and myself, but it needed some major changes, and that is what I decided to tackle for the week.

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