Spring Break(out)

The industry pitch was awesome! Kudos to the producers on pitching our games so well.

Most of the games industry panel felt that Hostile Territory was in a better place, and had elements which were clearly fun, whereas Re-Genesis would make for a more indie game, but lacked direction as it was. We decided to go ahead with Hostile Territory as our thesis game.

The end of the industry pitch meant the start of a well deserved spring break. I had already chalked out my plan for the break. We had to get the collision system for our game engine ready for our C++ class. I was going to attend GDC the week after spring break, and knew that I wouldn’t have time to work on it after getting back from GDC.

So I spent most of my spring break working on my collision system, and changing my Monster Chase game into a Breakout game, with would help me test the collision system much better. It literally took me around 15 hours to get the collision system in perfectly. One of the major problems I encountered was a drop in frame rate. I initially thought it was caused by my collision code, but later figured out that I was spewing too much debug!

Now for some rest, and GDC

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