If it works as well, just fake it :)

We’ve managed to fix many of the issues which plagued our game for the longest time. One of the major ones I helped with was the jitter due to wall walking. The player would raycast downwards and get the average of the normals of all the tiles around him to calculate his up vector. But this would cause jitters when he would move from one tile to the other, on account of the abrupt change in the normal.

While discussing this issue with Skip, I suggested using another cylinder outside our main level cylinder which would be invisible, and its only purpose would be to aid the player in the calculation of the normal. This cylinder had a large number of sides( almost 500), and the normal calculation based off of this cylinder made the jitter un-noticable!

It was a huge win, and our game felt a ton better. Skip also addressed many camera issues, and combined with the jitter elimination and the amazing new art, I felt really confident about our game.

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