Monthly Archives: April 2015


Desura accepted the last build we submitted. We’re getting published!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn’t be happier.  We’ve come a long way. I still remember the initial prototype I created for the game, and the build we submitted to IGF, as well as the many pivots we had throughout our development process. Our final game has evolved so much, its unbelievable.

I am humbled to be a part of this amazing team. We’re almost over the finish line. We’ll be preparing for EAE day now, where we showcase the game to the public. I also need to prepare for our thesis defense. The end of the semester is always crazy…

More fixes

There’s hasn’t been any major task this past week. I created a separate camera so that the producers could shoot some in game footage from a good angle for our trailer.

The guys at Desura got back to us and told us to put in a tutorial for the game. Topher used the in-game camera and created a tutorial in no time. It wasn’t hard to put this tutorial in the game either( thanks to our awesome menu system :D).  We submitted the revised version of our game to Desura. Meanwhile, I’ve been super busy with my other classes and some assignments I had put off for the submission of our game. I can’t talk about the stuff I do at Disney, but its immensely fun 🙂 The people I work with are super nice, and I’, learning a ton.

Stay tuned for news about our thesis game!