Monthly Archives: March 2015

Final Touches

One of the requirements for our projects class is to have a published game, and we’re planning to submit our game to Desura, a platform for publishing game, in the next week, so that we have enough time to fix whatever they want us to in order to publish.

With that in mind, we’re just polishing up the odd bits, and taking into account the feedback we got from GDC. We have a new camera, which is a lot closer to the ground, and helps the player aim a lot better. Kudos to Skip for that.

I added a credits screen into the game, and have just been working on round UI and timer stuff (we’re going for an arcady style, and want to have the signatue “3,2,1, FIGHT” pre-round UI).

Back from GDC

GDC was awesome as always! I had a summits and tutorials pass this time (as opposed to an expo pass the last time I went), and I had a great time attending all the talks. I sat in on a couple of Graphics talks ( the introduction of DirectX12, and the damage system in Star Citizen), and a bunch of AI talks ( the AI rant being my favorite :P). Our game was well received, and it was encouraging to see people have fun playing it.

In other news, I got an internship at Disney Interactive! I couldn’t be happier!!! I was informed about the great news while I was attending GDC. I will start working with them beginning next week ( or the week after that if my CPT is delayed). I will be working on the tools side of things. I’m really really REALLY looking forward to my job! It’s gonna be a great opportunity to work with amazing, creative people, and learn/contribute to the tools side of their game 🙂

Getting ready for GDC

So we travel to GDC next week, and we’ve been busy bug fixing and play-testing our game.

There were lots of bits and pieces that needed to be changed or removed, and I did my best to tackle the ones which existed in the sections of code in which I was a lot more well versed than my teammates.

Another addition I made to the game was to  create a background effect for the main menu. It felt dull and static to me, so I placed the camera at the center of our cylindrical level, and rotated it slowly. This was a good way to keep the screen busy during the main menu, and the rest of the team was receptive to the way it looked, and decided to go forward with it.

Looking forward to showing off our game at GDC!