Monthly Archives: August 2014

New Semester- Sprint to IGF begins!

We started off our new semester this week, and made some very important decision.

I had tried to get the basic game architecture for our game in place over the summer, using C++ and Unreal Engine 4, with the help of two more members of my team – Ron Romero and Triston Thorpe. We realised over the course of the summer that coding in Unreal would not be feasible. We ended up breaking the codebase several times ( and had a hard time figuring out why). We had been using Unreals blueprints for the initial builds, but we did not think that was the best solution for our final game.

With those points in mind, we decided to move forward with Unity. This was a massive step, as we had to throw away all our present code, and start afresh. But it was a step we needed to take. Our team was a lot more comfortable with Unity, and would be a lot more productive using it.

We were assigned engineering tasks based on our preferences ( I was tasked with developing the game modes and game states with Ron Romero).

I am both anxious and excited to move forward with the Unity. We need to get an IGF worthy game ready in 2 months… a daunting task indeed….