Monthly Archives: May 2014

The Final Touches

The last few classes before EAE day were upon us, but we had made good progress. We had met over the weekend and finalized some of our core game elements. We now had UI for the health of the player, and had the projectiles replicating on the client side. I had to struggle a little bit with assigning players a unique ID, but I figured out a way to do it.

The day before EAE day, I added a limit to the ammunition the players started with ( 20 bullets) and added ammunition pickups on the moving platforms around the levels. This encouraged the players to be wise with their bullets, and also to jump around the level to collect ammo packs ( often making forays into enemy territory to do so). I also managed to get double jumps in, so that players could reach those high floating platforms.

All in all, I was satisfied with the game. It had fun elements and was reasonably balanced to engage players, and we were looking forward to hearing from our players on EAE day.

EAE day went smoothly, without any bugs or glitches. We got tons of feedback forms filled by visitors, and will be looking at them in order to make our games a whole lot better.

This post marks the end of another semester. It has been amazing, and I have given my 150% ( all for the sake of games!). I feel exhausted, and need a well deserved break 🙂

Nothing like a good example

After spending a large amount of time searching online for help regarding networking in unreal, I came across the Shooter Example. This was a sample FPS Shooter game released by Epic, free of cost. I downloaded it and messed around with it a little, and found out that if need be, we could simple put our level inside the Shooter Example ( and take out the previously existing stuff) and be able to play on separate PC’s on LAN! This was a huge relief, as it meant that we would be able to play-test the game at the upcoming EAE day on the 22nd.

I also discovered the replication section in blueprints, and after some messing around. I figured out (mostly) how it worked. We were able to have our cylindrical world spawn on the client through the server.