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So this week, Epic released the Networking tutorials. They were VERY helpful. We didn’t need to resort to the Shooter Example anymore.

The engineering team, having had some time to dabble in Unreal Engine 4,  decided that we should divide tasks among ourselves and get to work on them. I was to make the territory control mechanic, which included separate tiles for the two teams, and a projectile which could change the territory.

I changed the cylinder making code so that it would form two territories, and assigned each Tile a team variable, which was changed on collision with the Territory changing projectile.

The first two weeks are the hardest :(

So this week has been a bit of a struggle. Learning a new engine is never easy

We needed to know how unreal dealt with networking, but the unreal 4 networking tutorials weren’t out yet. I looked into information about replication, the way unreal engine 3 managed networking. I also tried altering the C++ code to enable double jumping, but ended up causing unreal to break horribly.

It was a frustrating week with little visible progress.  For all the engineers on the team.

Lets get “Unreal”

The first projects class after GDC week was marked by discussion about which engine we should use as we continued developing Hostile Territory. Unreal Engine was meant to be used to make shooter games, and would make our game look gorgeous, but we would have to spend time learning it, a resource we were really short on. On the other hand, every engineer was adept at using Unity3D already, and we had a decent build to work with.

The discussion lasted quite a while, but in the end we decided to give Unreal Engine a try. If we felt we were not making good progress two weeks down the line, we would switch back to Unity.

I hopped online and started looking at some tutorials about the new blueprint system. Like all engines, it was a little hard to get into Unreal at first, and I struggled a lot.

But after spending around 6-8 hours on the weekend, I managed to get the cylindrical level created in Unreal Engine 4 using blueprints. We were well on our way to using Unreal!