Slow Puzzles

So my motivation for the game and the project has been really slack as of recently. I don’t ever really feel like working on the thesis game, and would rather work on some other projects. I don’t really know what to do to solve this. So my puzzle production has been really slow. Every time I sit down to write for the game, I get easily distracted and don’t want to keep writing.

I will say that the puzzles that we currently have in the game are still waiting on art assets and have lots of bugs to fix, so I don’t feel really pressured to get the puzzles done. I will also mention here that a while back I got a puzzle suggestion from one of the engineers. Since my brainstorming wasn’t going so well, I asked for suggestions. While a fair amount of the puzzle wasn’t usable I did find it very helpful for coming up with more puzzles. I was able to include some of the original puzzle that she had written. This was also good for her, since her engineering responsibilities have been lacking lately and I think that getting to contribute to the writing has helped motivate her to get more involved.

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