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So, after some discussion, we have decided that we want to try and get the game to the iPad. We will be using my developer account to publish the game to the IOS App store. This has me very excited as I really didn’t just want to dump the game to a flash game portal website. This would have been fine for our game, as it is a flash game, but I just felt like our game belongs in a place with more exposure and ‘prestige’ as it were.

So me and Hailin have been working closely together for the last couple days trying to get the game to work on the iPad. First couple tries that we did, all we were getting was a black screen on the iPad. We made some adjustments, but still only got a black screen. So I went digging through some of the file settings and the Adobe Air packaging that we were using was about 14 versions old. So I updated the all the Air SDK files and tried again. Success, the game was working on the iPad. Next problem, it is running extremely slow, and we have no idea why.

I downloaded the Adobe Scout profiler to see if I could find where the performance killer was coming from. We are getting like 16 fps on a flash game. In some sections we are getting like 4 to 5 fps. Our game is 38mb. Why are we getting such poor performance. Hopefully we can get it figured out, otherwise this will never get published.

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