So 98% of the art assets are in the game and everything else is all in.  So the two engineers on our team were able to make a lot of progress on the bugs and optimizations on the game. We have it running at a much better speed than it ever has before. We got the memory usage down as well as some of the cpu usage. We now have the game running at the correct framerate for about 85% of the game. We also have a good idea about how to do some more optimization.

We are shooting to send in our first builds to the different publishing sites on Tuesday the 14th. This gives us the remainder of the weekend to get some serious bugs fixed. But without having to add new features or art, we can really start to squash some bugs. I think it will be a good first submission, but I also think that it will get rejected. We still have some small tweaks and things to work out before I think it will get through the vetting process. We also need to start working on our thesis defense. This should be interesting.

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