iPad Performance

This week has seen a lot of progress and some very busy engineers who have so much to do that performance isn’t at the top of the list. is. There has been a ton of progress on the game in the form of getting lots of art assets done and put in the game. I was finally able to ask our main engineer about our performance problems that arose last week when we were  trying to get the game onto the iPad. She said that in order to increase performance,  we add a line of code that basically tells the device to render everything in low quality. This only effects the appearance of the game by a little bit given that everything is 2D, but the fact that was her answer for solving a performance issue made me frustrated.

Something in the code, or engine is just eating up low end computers and mobile devices, when it shouldn’t be. Our game is a roughly 40mb file, but is eating up 100 percent of a CPU and at times using 1.5gb of ram. This should not be happening. Hailin, and I are trying to figure out what is causing all the problems, but we have very little flash, and actionscript knowledge or experience. We really need some help to get it performing up to snuff.

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