So this last week we have been at GDC to show off the games and program. We also did this thing about networking with other people and trying to make contacts with people in industry. I won’t focus here on the networking part, but showing off the game we were able to get some good feedback. The people that played the game seemed to like the game but weren’t really sure what to make of the game. We got a lot of comments on how much they loved the art style of the game and a few comments that they liked the writing. Where our game seems to come up short is in it’s intuitiveness.

I think that people all have a different meaning of what different items should mean, and so there is a disconnect there. We have known about this problem from the very beginning that everyone interprets thoughts differently. One item might have two completely different meanings to different people. So how to get everyone on board with what an Item means is difficult. I tried to solve some of this through writing and showing what that item would mean to the character, not so much the player, and it did help, but maybe not enough. I wonder what other design or writing changes could help.

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